Black Hat

black hatBlack hat bowling free chased along in the wind,

Bumping down the cobbled steps with no one after him.

Over the wall and downwards, to the valley floor, it fluttered in a spin.

Peering over the wall it was plain for all to see,

The black hat had been lightly caught, in the branch of a tree.

Once more the wind tugged and quickly wrenched it free.

Down the valley, it went, again spinning in the air,

Until upon a donkey’s head, it landed with comic flair.

The donkey shook his head he refused to wear it.

The hat spun off to be picked up by the wind’s mighty gust,

Thrown high into the air and onto a church steeple, it was very firmly thr.ust.

As a tourist attraction, the black hat has now become an absolute must.


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