Children's Stories

Dangerous Game

Looking out of my window a stealthy movement caught my eye along the edge of the trellis Marking the boundary of our home. It looked too secretive to be a squirrel. It was Jake, a small cat I was friendly with. Whats he up to? Watching patiently, I spotted a lovely little Robin red breast sitting … Read more

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack the goldfish lives in my fish pond He is golden and sleek with a swift turn of speed. When I turn my water pump on, the water starts gushing and bubbling out, He is there in a flash, splashing, leaping and rushing about. Up in the air at times he hangs, for a … Read more

black hat

Black Hat

Black hat bowling free chased along in the wind, Bumping down the cobbled steps with no one after him. Over the wall and downwards, to the valley floor, it fluttered in a spin. Peering over the wall it was plain for all to see, The black hat had been lightly caught, in the branch of a … Read more

Cosmo the Dog with Unusual Taste

Cosmo the dog sat waiting, staring, at the cooker, as the sounds coming from it meant his favorite snack was being boiled. Somehow, he knew he only had to wait four or five minutes once the steam started to rise from the pot. He started whining softly, fidgeted and licked his lips. Not long to … Read more

Circus Wash Day

In the Circus, in South Africa, wash days can sometimes be very exciting and at the same time very anxious times. You can never be quite sure what might happen, as often there is only one water tap, for all the animals and the humans too.  The water runs into a long open tank.  Can … Read more

Mr. Frog

Mr. Frog awoke one evening hungry as could be. He leaped out of the water and hopped off to see If there was anything really nice and tasty he could catch for tea. He was very lucky, as there were insects still buzzing busily around. He kept catching and eating them, peering under leaves and … Read more