Audiobook for Children

CHILDREN´S STORIES ON A JOURNEY WITH PENNY WOBBLY Hello everyone, I have recorded some stories and poems for you to enjoy. Most are true and some have a slight fun twist. I do hope you enjoy listening to them. Penny Wobbly and team WobblingPen You can find Audiobook at Kobo, Walmart: United Kingdom…/children-s-stories-on-a-journey… United … Read more

WobblingPen Trilogy Audiobooks

“Stories & Poems for Relaxation & Travel with Penny Wobbly of WobblingPen” These Stories and Poems were produced to help with Relaxation and Travel. Slipping comfortably into filling boring waiting times, at Airports, Stations, Hospitals and any other occasion you find spare time on your hands. Penny have recorded, these short stories and poems about real … Read more

Book Bird Fables

My name is Penny Wobbly of WobblingPen! This is the perfect gift for any bird lovers and a great book for all ages! Birds are astonishingly intelligent creatures. This is a highly entertaining journey that touches on many stories and species of birds. Bird Fables explores the unknown intelligence of birds from all around the … Read more

Book Satu Stories

Hello my name is Satu and it is with great pleasure I present “Satu Stories”, my first book about my adventurous life with my amazing family. I arrived as a puppy with the urge to see what was over the hill or round the corner.I was a runaway dog, who could not bark, just sneezed. … Read more

Book Lily Tales

Hello, my name is Lily, this is the story of my friendship with Penny Wobbly who lives next door. I do so want to be her cat, so much so that Wobbly has given me a nickname ‘the Cat who wishes to be mine.’ This story is dedicated to cat lovers of all ages. Have … Read more

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