New Facebook for Children

Hello, my name is Wobbly!

Welcome to our new page on Facebook, especially for Children and anyone who loves reading! Where you can by yourself or together as a family or class.

The first time I heard Children’s Stories that I remember I was about three years of age. Pooh Bear, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, became my delightful companions, with all the sound effects played out by my parents and Grandmother.
When older, my still best friend used to read Enid Blyton’s Sunny Stories to me. Till we had a quarrel and she told me to read them yourself. So I did, they were short enough to hold my interest. 
The Magic Faraway Tree was to be the most exciting. Allowing me to think myself into all kinds of interesting Places and Lands. 
Beatrice Potter hopped her way into my affections with her delightful animals.
Even older still I tried Shakespeare, Jane Austin, Lucy Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott. Zane Grey. 
Each took me on different journeys and into loving books and stories forever.

We hope that some Children’s will step onto this page with a snippet of a tale or two to share.

The door is opened, pop in and have fun!!!

Your Friend