Dangerous Game

Looking out of my window a stealthy movement caught my eye along the edge of the trellis Marking the boundary of our home. It looked too secretive to be a squirrel. It was Jake, a small cat I was friendly with. Whats he up to? Watching patiently, I spotted a lovely little Robin red breast sitting on the top of a section of the fence. Jake with his eyes firmly fixed on the robin and his paws gripping hard to maintain his balance on the narrow fence top-edged towards him.

The Robin sat waiting, with one eye on the cat. Once Jake got too close for comfort, he flew to the next section of the fence and awaited the arrival of the stalking cat.

When it finally looked as though disaster would strike, the Robin flew onto a revolving clothesline he alighted on the arm farthest away from Jake. There the little bird fluffed up all his feathers, to make himself look as large as possible.

Jake the cat, eyed the distance between them and realized he couldn’t make it without jumping to ground level. He was a small cat and the thought of the long drop to the ground scared him. He started retreating along the fence, with several scathing backward looks at the triumphant robin.

Score: Bird one, Cat nil. Quite a change!

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