Fighting Like Cats and Magpies

I have just been woken up at 5.30 am by the angry alarm call of five magpie’s. This usually means they have trapped Lily the next door’s cat on the roof, or on the wooden beam over my fish pond. She is only a small black and white cat and some times needs rescuing.

This was just such an occasion. It required me to rush downstairs, faster than I usually do, unbolting doors , running outside, waving my arms like a demented scarecrow. Calling Lily to come to me, waking up the neighbourhood in the process.

Lily called back her relief at seeing me, and crawled her way towards me being dive bombed by the Magpie’s, towards a point I could reach up and rescue her. She gave me a grateful cry and attempted to crawl into my dress gown. The thwarted magpie’s settled on another roof, to see what might happen next to their potential victim.

They had a long wait and gave up, as lily was invited in for a snack to calm her after her scary adventure.

Lily is quite determined to be my cat, and I have to sadly disappoint her, as I travel quite a bit. Our friendship has endured though, through quite a few adventures, which I will relate another time.

Copyright: WobblingPen