Below you can find collections of WobblngPen's writing

Wobbly has been writing stories and poems for many years.  Below you can find lots of Wobbly's writing, divided into stories for adults and for children.  Many have audio accompaniments, so you can listen as you read.

Don't forget that WobblingPen has now got two spoken word albums and two E-Books available online too!

We hope you enjoy exploring Wobbly's writing and remember you can search for a topic you are interested in at the bottom and top of every page of the website.


Stories for Adults

Stories for Children

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Wobbly loves writing stories and poems!

Wobbly believes that everyone has a writer inside them.  At WobblingPen we think that anyone should pick up a pen or get on their tablet or laptop if they feel the urge to write. Don't be scared, just let your feelings out and capture the moment!

Poems or stories which you might be struggling to put into words can get a lot easier to write if you aren't afraid to just give it try.