Stories for Adults from WobblingPen

Some of our Adult Stories, are tales of life-changing events. Others are light-hearted antidotes which may make you think or laugh.

Why not take a break from daily life and enjoy reading some of our stories? Some have audio recordings you can play as well.

Remember, if you have any favorite poems from our collection, WobblingPen would be happy to attend a Spoken Word event at your book club or library and read the poems of your choice.  We love meeting our readers in person!

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Stories for Adults from WobblingPen


Loneliness is the subject on my mind today, not that I suffer from it. That does not mean I am not acutely aware of it in others. Traveling around you hear it discussed. On the buses, 'my daughter does not ...
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What Am I?

What am I? Words from my pen just fly. Where do they come from?  Who knows, not I! The subjects vastly differ: from home and away: Words people use day by day. I am just the Pen that places them ...
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It was a carpet of dazzling, striking blue, that first drew my childish eyes to you. In the mass, it was hard to see your individual artistry clearly displayed. Up close, I could admire you as a truly drooping colorful ...
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Book Worm

I'm a book, a very good book, but my cover is as plain and dowdy as can be, So much so, that people browsing through the shelves fail to discover me. I've had a few near misses, when they have ...
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Beneath blue sky arms entwined swaying in long borders hundreds side by side. Blooms of pink on stalks, some upright as soldiers others leaning weakly on the path heads blown in all directions by the wind. Pinks in stiff, flared, ...
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Dining at Sea

Tables prepared white with silver glistening arranged in two's and four's or more. Waiters, attendant at their stations patiently wait and watch as we settle to scrutinize the menu's, for scrumptious things to polish off. Once we start chatting amongst ...
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Wobbly loves writing stories, poems and songs!

Wobbly believes that everyone has a writer inside them.  At WobblingPen we think that anyone should pick up a pen or get on their tablet or laptop if they feel the urge to write. Don't be scared, just let your feelings out and capture the moment!

Poems or stories which you might be struggling to put into words can get a lot easier to write if you aren't afraid to just give it try.

Do not forget to read your working outs to your children and anyone who might listen. Share your love of a story.