WobblingPen have lots of stories and poems to listen to or download!

The team at WobblingPen have been recording Wobbly's stories and poems, and you can now find them on Amazon and Spotify. If you prefer reading to listening, you can also check out our new E-Books.

Or why not try both, and read along as you listen?

We are putting some more songs and some videos up online too, so remember to come back and check for updates!

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Capturing the Moment 400

Spoken Word

WobblingPen now have our first two Spoken Word albums available. The first, "Capturing the Moment", has 25 poems and stories written with adults in mind, and the second, "Catching a Story", contains 23 children's poems and stories.

You can download Wobbly's poems and stories from Amazon for yourself or as a present, whether you like listening to stories during a well earned break, or would like stories to play for young people you know. You can also download or listen to individual tracks, or listen on Spotify. We hope you enjoy them! 


As well as two new albums, WobblingPen now have our first two E-Books available! The first, "Capturing the Moment - for adults", has 25 poems and stories, and the second, "Catching a Story - for children", contains 23 children's poems and stories.

You can also download audio recordings of both E-Books to listen to, some of which also have musical soundtracks. Whether you are an adult who enjoys reading, or you like telling stories aloud to young people, our E-Books have something for everyone with a good imagination!


WobblingPen are pleased to announce our first original song.

"I Am Here" is a song written by WobblingPen.

Produced by "Insert.Play.Smile"
Performed by "Kitty Got Claws"