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WobblingPen are proud to promote the creative work of independent singers, songwriters and musicians.

We have also just made our first venture into writing lyrics, and produced our first ever song.

Please get in touch if you would like us to collaborate with the WobblingPen community!


New Song - "I am Here"

WobblingPen first original song!

"I Am Here" lyrics written by WobblingPen.

The music composed by "Insert.Play.Smile." and performed by singer "Kitty Got Claws"

Note: The song is dedicated to the memory of my best friend Gillian, we shared an amazing forty years of friendship together.

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About "I Am Here"

I was watching a film, which triggered thoughts about loss, separation, yearning, and hope for a better future.

This song may help many people at this moment in time.


About Kitty Got Claws

I'm Kitty, and my passions are music and videography.
I create music videos, music and art for my project Kitty Got Claws, and I would appreciate your support so that I can continue funding my videos and being creative!
Here is where you can hear my music

About Insert.Play.Smile.

"I compose, mix and master music, working on instrumentals generally from a personal perspective in the alternate ambient genre. It is great producing tracks for recording artists too, often having input into their music. I have also composed music for video games.

My interest in audio began in the 80s; I passed Grades on Piano, and started working on consumer production gear with small tape/CD recorders along with midi sequencer hardware. Later I got involved with music production on the PC with Cubase. So from working from a small mixer at home I went to the massive virtual studio, which is the focus point of any modern recording studio now."

Contact Insert.Play.Smile. at [email protected]