A note from Wobbly

My writing is influenced by everyday life. We hope WobblingPen helps to raise memories and a smile or two during these times.

Our stories have spread at speed to family, friends, hospital patients and to complete strangers. They have inspired educational Internet searches, tears and laughter, unlocked feelings and helped memories flow.

I wonder if you would be interested in hearing a presentation of our stories and poems for children and adults. We visit schools, libraries, care homes, and places where groups gather for entertainment. 

If this is of interest to you please contact us on [email protected]

Yours for now,

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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has helped make WobblingPen happen!

WobblingPen started from small beginnings, and we are very proud of how far we have come. But we couldn't have got to where we are without our loyal team of supporters. We are so lucky to have Wobbly volunteers from all around the world.

We hope we haven't missed anyone out! If we have, it wasn't on purpose! So in no particular order ...

A big thank you to the Team!

Tom Hackett (audio production), Silverwood Books Publishing House, Lila Hunniset (graphic designer), Anna Krupa, Daniela and Titi Serban (artists), Marita Hansen (editing and E-Book formatting skills), Jo Danilo (designer), Kitty Got Claws (Singer, graphics and video production), Michael Cliffe of Evoke Music (audio and music composing and production), and Mark and Anna at SCIP (website designers). Emma Kaufmann, (Children's book illustrator), Daniel Wells (Computer Designer), 

Wonderful Volunteers and Friends!

Bruce, Margaret, Oana, Moro,, Christian, Olivia, Elena, Stanley Brown, Pat Nash, Phyllis Bartley, Gillian, Bob Hackett, Carol Hackett, Ann Short, Bill and Julie de Haan, Kylie Penn, Jo Slack,  Rev. Peter Flynn, Gina Garcia, Jan Morgan, Brian Moppett, Navine Adel, Maria, Leoni Mansor, Colin Hulse, Margaret Hulse, Lloyd and Sandra Hamel, Marilena Moraru, Christina, Judy and George, Shirley,

A special thank you to Anna Almeida for opening WobblingPen to the World.