Loneliness is the subject on my mind today, not that I suffer from it.
That does not mean I am not acutely aware of it in others.
Traveling around you hear it discussed.
On the buses, ‘my daughter does not visit much now.’ 
Reveals the loss. ‘They are very busy!’

Another. ‘My son is away a lot providing for his family.’
Another, ‘They have enough to do without worrying about me.’
Children who confide, ‘No one reads to me. I am on my own a lot. I have no friends. No one likes me, I don’t care.’
Covering up the pain of hurt, loss, and loneliness.

Keep an ear open for the signs of loneliness, see if you can help. A chat will do for a start, then see if you can build on it.
The rewards are sometimes unbelievable.
Start listening, please.

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