Mr. Frog

Mr Frog 2Mr. Frog awoke one evening hungry as could be.

He leaped out of the water and hopped off to see

If there was anything really nice and tasty he could catch for tea.

He was very lucky, as there were insects still buzzing busily around.

He kept catching and eating them, peering under leaves and carefully searching the ground.

He did not see his tummy expanding, as he contentedly made his way home, pausing for a quick look round.

Confidently he hopped onto a large lily pad, to have a last quiet sit down.

Imagine his shock when the lily pad on which he had landed could not support his weight and float!

It folded up and took him to the bottom of the pond with a splatter and a croak!

In great indignation, he rose to see if anyone had noticed what a fool he had been!

He promised himself he would not to be so greedy in future. He’d eat at a much slower pace.

I’ll try, wait and see, then a slimmer more handsome frog I will be!


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