Cosmo the Dog with Unusual Taste

Cosmo the dog sat waiting, staring, at the cooker, as the sounds coming from it meant his favorite snack was being boiled.

Somehow, he knew he only had to wait four or five minutes once the steam started to rise from the pot. He started whining softly, fidgeted and licked his lips. Not long to wait now.

The moment the pot was picked up and taken to be cooled under the cold tap, louder whines came from Cosmo. The final bashing sound was the signal! Bash! Bash! Bash. It was nearly ready, time for him to dribble and bark his head off. What was he getting so excited about?

It was a hard-boiled egg, his favorite! Not the shell though, that had to be carefully removed, especially for him. After all, he was an A-La-Carte Dog.

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